Hi everyone! :) 


How are you? Did you watch the clips below and practise the words?


I really miss speaking English with you irl (=in real life)!


If you have any questions, email me!


miss Serena



24 apr 2020 - Answers task 4
Preview foto Also check your spelling!

24 apr 2020 - Answers task 2
Preview foto Here are the answers. 

Please check your spelling as well.


Have a nice vacation!



24 apr 2020 - Answers task 3
Preview foto

23 apr 2020 - Do you know the rooms in the house?
Hi everyone, 

here are the links of a nice game, do you know the rooms in the house? Enjoy!





21 apr 2020 - More house words!
More words! You know more than you know!

Practise and repeat your house vocabulary




Also practise your English on Squla. Go to: Engelse woordenschat, in en om het huis.


You can work with Squla on all schooldays from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m and on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Let me know if you do not have a Squla account yet.

21 apr 2020 - Label things in your house!
Preview foto Label things in English in your house! 


Good job Myrthe :)

13 apr 2020 - On my way
Preview foto  

Here are the answers for the exercises from last week. This week you do task 2, page 14 and 15.


The next video to watch is called "On my way". 

See if you can hear and find as many words you have learned on the subject "house" and "home", maybe even transportation. Enjoy!




07 apr 2020 - Unit two - task 1

The exercises for today.  Watch the video on prepositions:




The answers will be online this weekend.


07 apr 2020 - Watch the video : Living on a housebout
Hey students!

Have you already watched the Wordlist video

Don't forget to send me a clip with a song about "house" or "home"! 

(please scroll down if you forgot)


If you have watched the Wordlist video ánd you have sent me a music clip you can continue with the next video:



05 apr 2020 - Wordlist video




05 apr 2020 - Wordlist
Hi everyone! 

Before you start on the exercises, please read the wordlist.

Watch my video to read the words together.

Good luck!


Miss Serena 

03 apr 2020 - At home
Preview foto Since we are spending a lot of time here these days, our next theme is: At home! 


Before we start..

Can you find a nice song that is about "home"or "house" that you really like?

- it has to be a song about 'house' or 'home'

- it has to be a song with lyrics

- it has to be a nice and decent song (for example: no swearing..)


Send your songtitle and artist or the youtube link to me:




The song with the most likes will be posted next week :)